United We Grow

We only get better together. We only get stronger together. We need to build each other up instead of only looking out for ourselves. Several times throughout the year I invite bloggers to send me their info to help them get their name, their message and their hard work out. No, I don’t do this for monetary advantages. No, I don’t do this for honor. I do this because I started off as a beginner and I know what it feels like to be vulnerable like  that. After what our nation, Jewish nation experienced over the weekend in Pittsburgh we need to be united not divided. We need to look out for one another. Build each other up. Help each other succeed. Let’s bring the achdus in. Those who’ve been doing this for years and those just getting their feet wet. You never know the kind of collaborations and ideas that can come out from this. It’s simple, exciting and uniting the Jewish world. Kosher Guru covers everything kosher from food to recipes, kosher living, lifestyle and fashion. As much as I enjoy food, you  are not limited. All you need to do is email kosherguru@gmail.com the following: In a Word document the blog you write for, a small bio on yourself, a post for the blog (preferably a new post) and where the world can follow you (via: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and/or website. Please include all proper symbols). Make sure to attach a high resolution picture to be shared. #unitednotdivided Let’s show the world how we can work and live in peace as a nation. #amyisraelcha

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