Shanah Tova From Kosher Response!


It’s really been a whirlwind these last 7 months since I started Kosher Response, but it has been one or the most amazing decisions ever. When first started we were helping local small businesses while saying thank you and showing appreciation to out frontline heroes and healthcare heroes. Unfortunately the pandemic took a major toll on our economy and way of life. So many have been affected financially and psychologically in many ways that we will never comprehend and we stepped up to help our local communities.

With various partners we have termed to offer and provide many programs and initiatives helping hundreds of families, thousands of people on a daily basis. We are operating round the clock to help with food insecurity and other social service programs to bring back normalcy to many.
From the beginning the Leon Mayer Fund stepped up to help us and show support for our mission.

We thank Community Chest South Shore for taking us under their wings and providing us the guidance and grants possible to continue helping all in our community. We would not have been able to continue without their support and are so thankful to have them as a true friend and benefactor that enables us to provide the resources to our community helping so many during these troubling times.

Thank you to all our donors, supporters, corporate sponsors and friends since we started that gives us the motivation to do what we do on a daily basis.

To become a donor, sponsors or help us continue please visit: 

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