New Kosher Cafe Opens In Australia!


Wow now this is exciting! Cafe Rothschild has recently open their doors in Melbourne, and are bringing a lot to the table! Located at 796 Glen Huntly Road , Caulfield South 3162, this new eatery is dishing out breakfast, lunch, and dinner with ahhmazing entrees as pastas, toasts, variety of egg based dishes, fish, fritters,waffles,risotto, and so much more! See down below for a sample of the menu!

Cafe Rothschild is certified by Kosher Australia and are open Sundays from 8am-5pm, Mondays from 7am-5pm, Tuesday-Thursday from 7am-9pm and Fridays from 7am-4pm . They are now open on Motzei Shabbos for dinner and drinks from 8pm-1opm!

For more information check out their Facebook

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