Kosher Takeout & Delivery List Within US & Canada


I’m sure many saw this coming. It’s the new reality we are living in. There are many small business owners, the team members and so many families that rely on their livelihood from these small businesses. It’s not only NYC, it’s going to be all around the USA and Canada.
They are trying to do they best they can while still providing a service and a livelihood for their families. Check out our list, support where you can, and stay safe!

(* We are constantly updating this list. Can’t find your favorite restaurant? If it’s currently open and we are missing it, please let us know and we will add it!)


Babi’s Restaurant (Ontario)

Ba-Li Laffa (Ontario)

City Grill Kosher (Montreal)

Dr Laffa (Ontario)

Jacobs Deli (Ontario)

Pizza Pita (Quebec)

Shalom India (Ontario)

Sheli’s Burgers & Fried Chicken (Ontario)

The Chicken Nest (Toronto)

Thornhill Kosher Pizza (Ontario)

Umami Sushi (Ontario)

Yakimono (Quebec)

United States


613 Grill

Kitchen 18

La Bella Pizzeria

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

Segal’s Oasis Grill & Kosher Foods


Bagel Factory LA

Bibi’s Bakery Cafe

La Gondola Ristorante 


Melrose Bite
Orange Delite

Panini Spot


Pizza World

PSY Street Kitchen


613 Restaurant

Abel Caterers



Dairy Star

EJ’s Pizza

Emma’s Bagel Cafe
Evita Argentinian Steakhouse

Glatt Chicago


Ken’s Diner
Milts BBQ

Sarah’s Brick Oven

Tacos Gingi


26 Sushi and Tapas

Backyard BBQ and brew

Boca Grill
Bubby’s Fish N’ Chips

Butcher Block Express

Century Grill
Ditmas Boca


Gili’s Kitchen

Hadekel 1

Kosher Bagel Cove
Lennys pizza

Lox N Bagel

Meat Bar Bay Harbor Island
Mizrachi Pizza Kitchen

Mozart Cafe

Orchid Gardens
Sushi Addicts
So Heavenly Catering

Soho Asian Bar & Grill
Pita Hut Grill
Pita Xpress Mediterranean Grill
Streeet Kitchen-CLOSED

Yum Berry Cafe

Zak the Baker


Chai Peking

Toco Grill

Las Vegas

Ariela’s Pizza

Burnt Offerings

Hummus Vegas

Jerusalem Chef’s Table



Ben Yehuda Pizza

Holy Chow

Max’s Cafe


Cafe Eilat

Catering by Andrew

Milk Street Cafe

Pure Cold Press

Veggie Crust

Vittorios Grill & Kitchen


Jerusalem Pizza

Prime 10

New Jersey

Authentic Kosher Chinese

Bagel King


Benjy’s Pizza

Bridge Turkish and Mediterranean grill

Bun Burger

Burger Boss

Coco Jolie 



College Ave Cafe


Eat a Pita


Esty’s Besty’s Vegetarian Eatery
Etc. Steakhouse

Fish Grill

Giddy’s Pizzeria

Glatt Bite

Grandma’s Cheese Cafe
Great Falls Bistro/Shakewich
Humble Toast

Jerusalem Pizza

Jerusalem Restaurant

J2 Pizza North/South

Joseph and David

Juniors Kosher Deli



 Kosher Experience

Kosher Express

Mashu Mashu Sushi

Mike’s Chicken Crunchers
Mocha Bleu

Nobe wine and grill
Noah’s Ark Restaurant & Deli

Park Place


Perfect Pita

Pita Hut


Pizza Place


Poppy’s in Teaneck

Rock N’ Roll Sushi & Noodle Bar


Sender’s Smoke Joint


Simply Sushi


That Sushi Spot

Stingers Sports Bar



Teaneck Doghouse

The Cookie Corner

The Orchid

The Upper Crust

Urban Pops

Village Pizza
Wandering que



Zevy’s Pizza

New Orleans

Kosher Cajun

New York
ACHLA (Monsey)
Ahuvas grill express (5 Towns)

Al Di La Pizzeria (Monsey)

Annie’s Kitchen (Queens)

Arba (Manhattan)

Bagel Mentsch (Great Neck)

Barnea Bistro (Manhattan)
Bash brick oven pizza (Brooklyn)
Benny’s brick oven (Brooklyn)

Bistro Burger (Great Neck)

Bouef & Bun (Brooklyn)
Bogo pizza is open and offering delivery and curbside pickup to all customers in the 5 Towns and
Far Rockaway areas.
Bogo pie is $30 plus tax which gets you 2 pies (16 slices)! Best deal in town!
Bravo ( Downtown Manhattan)

Brooklyn Artisan Bakehouse (Brooklyn)

Burgers and Grill (Manhattan)

Café Muscat (Queens)

Cafe Renaissance (Brooklyn)

Carlos and Gabbys (Queens)

Carlos Gabbys ( New Rochelle)
Central perk (5 Towns)

Chai Pizza (Monsey)

Chatanooga (Great Neck)

Chinatown Kosher (Monsey)

Chimichurri (5 Towns)

Chick n Chuck (Monsey)

Chocolatte ( Brooklyn & 5 Towns)

Chop Chop (Manhattan)

Chosen Garden ( Queens)

Coffee Bar (5 Towns)
Colbeh (Great Neck)

Corner Cafe (Riverdale)

Crawfords Café (Brooklyn & Great Neck)

Dairy Palace (Staten Island)
David’s Famous Pizza (5 Towns)
Day 5 ( Brooklyn)

Dixie BBQ (Brooklyn)

Eat N Run Café (Brooklyn)
Eden Wok ( New Rochelle)

Eighteen Restaurant  (Manhattan)
Elite café (Queens)

Elite Pizza (Great Neck)

Ember by Smokeys ( Bronx)

Essen (Brooklyn)
Falafel Tanami (Brooklyn)

Fialkoff’s Express (5 Towns and Queens)

Fireside (Monsey)

FiveFifty (5 Towns)

Focaccia (Brooklyn)

Ganey Orly (Queens)

Garnerville Kosher Grill (Monsey)
Glatt A La Carte (Brooklyn)

Golan Heights (Washington Heights)

Grandma’s Pizza (Washington Heights)
Grillpoint Brooklyn

Grill 212  (Manhattan)

Hava Java  (Monsey)

House Of Subs (Great Neck)

Hot Spot BBQ & Grill (Queens)

Hunki’s Pizza (5 Towns)

Izzys fried chicken ( *All locations in Brooklyn)

J2 Food (Manhattan)

Jerusalem Café (Manhattan)

Jerusalem Pizza (5 Towns)

Kasbah BBQ and Grill (Manhattan)

KC Grill (Monsey)

King Solomon (Brooklyn)

Kosher Castle (Monsey)

Kosher in Midtown (Manhattan)

La Brochette (Manhattan)

La Pizzeria (Great Neck)

Laffa Bar (5 Towns)

Lolli Bop Cafe & Play (5 Towns)
Los tacos (Brooklyn)
Main House Kosher BBQ and Bar (Brooklyn)

Main Street Bagels (Queens)

Mendy’s Deli (Manhattan)
Meo hibachi steakhouse (Queens)
Middle Neck Glatt (Great Neck)

Mocha Burger (Manhattan)

Mozzarella  (Brooklyn)

Mr. Broadway (Manhattan)

My Grill Bar (Brooklyn)
Naomis Pizza (Queens)
New amsterdam burger bar (Manhattan)

Olympia Pita (Brooklyn)

Orchidea (Brooklyn)

Original Brooklyn Bagel (Brooklyn)

Paprika (Manhattan)

Peppercrust  (Monsey)

Perizia Pizza (Brooklyn)
Pescada (Both locations in Brooklyn)

Pita Grill (Manhattan)

Pizza Block (Bronx)

Pizza Pious (5 Towns)
Pizza Professor (Queens and Brooklyn)

Pizza Time (Brooklyn)

Pizza Roxx (Great Neck)

Pressers Bagels (Brooklyn)
Primavera (Monsey)

Prime Bistro (5 Towns)
Pomona Pizza (Monsey)

Reserve Cut (Manhattan)

Sauce N Cheese ( Brooklyn)

Sheli’s Too (Monsey)

Shiraz Restaurant (Great Neck)

Simply Sushi (Monsey)

Spoons (Brooklyn)

Stop Chop & Roll (5 Towns)

Sub Express (Brooklyn)

Subo (Monsey)

Subsational (Brooklyn College Hillel)

Sushi Fussion (Queens)

Sushi Kingdom (Queens)

Sushi Pie (5 Towns)

Sushi Tokyo(Brooklyn)

Sushi Tokyo Lawrence (5 Towns)

Talia’s Steakhouse & Bar (Manhattan)

The Hot Spot BBQ and Grill (Queens)

The Loft Steakhouse (Brooklyn)
T Steakhouse (Brooklyn)

Twibar falafel (Brooklyn)

UpSide Craft (Brooklyn)

Qcumbers Café (5 Towns)

West Side Wok (Manhattan)

West Wing (5 Towns)

Woktov ( 5 towns)

8 Slices (Manhattan)



Kinneret Kosher Pizza


Aderet Restaurant

Dallas Kosher Pizza


Meat point
Midtown Pizza

The Market



Pots Fall Sale