Europe’s first ever Kosher Food and Events Expo. is finally happening.

Discover. Share. Create.

Be seen in Europe if you are a food and/or wine distributor or anything related to the kosher scene from all around the world.

Europe is strategically placed between the US and Israel, both of whom have massive exports of food constantly traveling to and fro. At the KTrade Expo you will learn how to bring your products to Europe with big name representatives.
You will learn of thousands of products that many don’t even know exist in Europe, how to cut distribution costs and get the items on your shelves to broaden you consumer market.

There will be so much more to gain and learn at the KTrade Expo.

Book your booth today to be scene and take your company to new heights!

February 19, 2020 at Excel London

☎ +44-20-8806-1998

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