Ram Caterers’s Gourmet Frozen Entrées!

By Kosher Guru / April 30, 2020


Is coming up with new, delicious meals to serve your family adding extra stress to an already stressful time?
Tired of preparing a separate meal for your picky eater?
Do you have an aging loved one in your life that needs help with their meals?
Ram Caterers’s Ram single-serve Gourmet Frozen Entrées provides the perfect solution!
Free delivery in NYC 5-Boros and Nassau or discounted delivery in the Greater Metro Area with a minimum of 10 entrees.
Use my promo code: KGDELIVERY
Inquire for out-of-state deliveries
Ram is also proud to be partnering with Tomchei Shabbos to donate a meal for every 20 meals sold.

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