First Look: Heimish Takeout Opening In Jersey!

*UPDATE 10/28/20- Heimish Takeout is now open! More details down below

We are super excited about this! Teaneck is home to many great restaurants and eateries, but the one thing they are missing is a good “Heimish Takeout”! We spoke with Mr. Joel A. Schiff, one of the owners of this new joint, and got the latest scoop of what’s to come!

Mr. Schiff is the owner of “World of Goodies” an amazing chocolate and sweets gift shop located at 198 W Englewood Ave, Teaneck, NJ.

His partner Reuben Mozorosky is the owner of the famed “Chickies” also located in Teaneck at 172 W Englewood A. Together they came up with this great concept to provide for the Kosher masses a “Full On Shabbos Experience”, offering a large variety of food and an ambience special for Shabbos. As of now the store will only be open at the end of each week being Wednesday-Fridays, and of course serving up Cholent on Thursday nights!
Heimish Takeout will provide a new and unique large meat carving station,a self serve station, a full line of sweets, high end desserts, flowers, magazines, and so much more. There will also be an in house chef, making all the food from dips,salads,hot and cold dishes, all fresh and homemade. Now the most unique thing of all will be their full drop off catering and “Personal Shabbos Package” line. Heimish Takeout will provide a full set of catering with food and tableware for all kinds of events, even catering for smaller gatherings.

Further more, the personal Shabbos getaway box will include everything one needs for the enjoyment of Shabbos, starting from food on Friday afternoons, until after Shabbos is over for Melavah Malka. Whether its paper goods, candles, food, drinks, freshly cut fruit, Shabbos morning cheesecake, and snacks, these packages will have it all! The packages vary in sizes, and delivery as of now will be available within NJ and NY.

Heimish Takeout is located at 182 W Englewood Ave Teaneck NJ, and is getting ready to open their doors in the up coming months!
As Mr. Schiff greatly put it “Heimish Takeout is a place where people can come and enjoy the food but also stay, hang out a while, and get a taste of what Shabbos is all about!
Heimish Takeout is certified by Kof-K and RCBC
Follow them on Instagram @heimishtakeoutnj

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