RAM Caterer’s Gourmet Passover Menu!


Staying Home This Passover?

Experience RAM Caterer’s Gourmet Passover Takeout & Walk-In Market!
 Since 1978, RAM Caterers has been one of New York’s most premier and trusted caterers. As a family-owned and operated business, we value the continued support of our loyal clients and friends, which has allowed us to triumph through life’s challenges and uncertainties.
 RAM recognizes that our communities are facing a Passover in an unprecedented and concerning climate. RAM has committed to alleviating some of your holiday burden by offering a Gourmet Passover Market, as well as phone and online ordering of a delectable array of Passover prepared foods, sweets, and prix fixe Seder menus.
All of us at RAM wish your families a healthy, safe and stress-free Passover, and look forward to taking your Passover orders and seeing you in our market!
 See the link below for menus, details and online ordering:
 or call:516-997-4000 ext. 207



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