Day 5 Sushi Re-Opens In Brooklyn!


Yes! We are so excited that this epic sushi restaurant has reopened their doors in Brooklyn . Located at 1724 Coney Island Ave ,Day 5 Sushi offers a variety of delicious fresh sushi and fish dishes, including some kid friendly options! They’ve got on the menu a number of rolls, wraps, poke bowls,sushi platters, and even desserts! What’s great is that Day 5 Sushi has also recently opened up their 2nd location with a soft opening in Midtown Manhattan at 224 West 35th between 7th and 8th Ave! This new location is designed more for take out and is a perfect option now during the 9 days
Day 5 Sushi is Kosher L’Mehadrin and is certified by Kehila Kashrus
For full menu and more information check out their website


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