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Mehadrin Extra Light Ice Cream

By Kosher Guru / August 17, 2019

  Guiltless, guilty pleasures! I must admit I’ve been trying to watch my figure lately. I still go out to eat at some amazing places, but I’m trying to make better decisions. I even started a beginner spin class every Monday that I look forward to. However being that it’s summer there are certain things […]


TAP Healthy Hot Dogs

By Kosher Guru / July 30, 2019

  Do you love a good hot dog on the grill? I know when I make a BBQ hot dogs are the first things that goes on my menu. I love hot dogs with mustard and kraut. What do you put on yours? Lately, the hot dog has gotten a super bad reputation in terms […]


Amstelvelder Gouda Cheese

By Kosher Guru / July 22, 2019

  How Cheesy Are You! Do you like cheese? I’m not talking about American cheese that melts like plastic, that is so processed I think the cheese will probably last through a nuclear war. I’m talking the Artisanal kind, sometimes a little smelly, with a distinct flavor usually that pairs amazingly with wine and fruit […]


Meal Mart Chicken Nuggets

By Kosher Guru / July 18, 2019

  Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!  I went away on vacation the other week. It was an incredible experience, but that also meant I left my little ones home with family to watch them. I  Didn’t want to make it too hard on my sister in law who was so amazing to take in an extra […]


Mehadrin Surprize Ice Pops!

By Kosher Guru / July 18, 2019

  Surpize, it’s refreshing! It’s been a really hot summer so far. I really don’t want to leave the comfort of my air conditioning to go outside. I know, I know, summers are supposed to be hot,  so it’s a really good thing we have amazing products in the supermarket meant to cool us from […]


Shrooms Crispy Mushroom Snack

By Kosher Guru / July 11, 2019

  That’s right! Now new on the Kosher market are these all vegan mushrooms chips, aka “crisps”! South Mill Champs, a farm based in Pennsylvania have taken their great knowledge on everything mushrooms and created these ahhmazing new snacks! The crisps are made from thick cut fresh mushrooms and come in a variety of insane […]


Zesty Z Popcorn

By Kosher Guru / July 9, 2019

  Zaa’atar on popcorn!? Oh Yea! Zesty Z are launching this month their all new Mediterranean popcorn line, featuring 3 bold flavors with Za’atar being the star ingredient! With Spicy Za’atar, Savory Za’atar, and Feta and Za’atar, we love these unique flavors and cant wait to pop open a bag! Israeli flavors are such a […]


Hearts of Palm Spaghetti

By Kosher Guru / July 8, 2019

  Summer is a time when we try to eat foods that are a little lighter. You might not want a heavy bowl of pasta for dinner. I am not going to say that a zoodle tastes like a noodle, but it’s certainly delicious and better for your waistline too! Well, move over zoodles, there’s […]


Crispy Freeze Dried Fruit

By Kosher Guru / July 4, 2019

  Who doesn’t love to snack!? I know I do! And what make’s Crispy Green’s new line of freeze dried fruits addictive, is that they are good and good for you! These snacks are vegan, gluten free,dairy free, nut free,and has no sugar added! Plus they come in 7 different delicious flavors, apple, banana, mango, […]


Waffle Shots

By Kosher Guru / July 2, 2019

OMG. Desserts just got a whole lot better with these insane Waffle Shots! These are edible cups made from waffle cones, and coated inside with Belgian chocolate! They have a variety of ahhmazing fillings, such as Cookies n’ Cream and S’mores! These waffle shots make the perfect dessert for when you have guests over, and […]

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