Mehadrin Extra Light Ice Cream


Guiltless, guilty pleasures!
I must admit I’ve been trying to watch my figure lately. I still go out to eat at some amazing places, but I’m trying to make better decisions. I even started a beginner spin class every Monday that I look forward to. However being that it’s summer there are certain things I just won’t give up. I grew up with ice cream always available in the freezer. When I go back to my childhood home,  my kids know that my parents have a freezer stocked with just ice cream and nothing else. So in the spirit of making better choices I also found Mehadrin extra light ice cream which is still creamy, delicious and indulges the ice cream lover in me. My favorite is the vanilla caramel swirl. The entire container in only 320 calories, so if I find myself in an ice cream binge I have no guilt eating the entire container! So try and enjoy the rest of the summer and with the help of Mehadrin the guiltless, guilty pleasures.


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