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New Kosher Health Bar Opens In Brooklyn

By Kosher Guru / April 6, 2021

  Baya Bar is the all new Kosher health bar open in Brooklyn now! This new hotspot has a fun young vibe to it, and transports you to vacation mode right when you walk through the door with palm trees decor and more!   Founder & CEO of Baya Bar, Bill Loesch notes. “The goal […]


Help Kosher Response This Pesach

By Kosher Guru / March 18, 2021

  Pesach is almost here and your help is needed for families in our community and beyond that need our help this Pesach! Kosher Response is helping  families each and every day that are in dire need of our continued help and support, this Pesach the call to action is bigger then ever before. We can’t do it without […]


Kosher L’Pesach Restaurants/Caterers List 2021

By Kosher Guru / March 10, 2021

  We encourage everyone to support local restaurants , and are super grateful to those who are still open. Check out our list below of all Kosher L’Pesach Restaurants/Catering Open This Chol Hamoed, within the U.S and Canada. * We are constantly updating this list. Can’t find your favorite restaurant? If it will be open […]


New Kosher Grill House Opens In Brooklyn

By Kosher Guru / March 9, 2021

  Pital’e is the all new burger joint to hit Brooklyn! If you want authentic Middle Eastern food this is the place to check out. Serving classic staples such as Shawarma, Hummus Platters, Falafel, and more! View full menu down below Pital’e is certified by Tarnopol Kashrus and is located at 5326 13th Ave, Brooklyn […]


Kosher Wine Pesach Sale

By Kosher Guru / March 3, 2021

  With Purim over and Pesach right around the corner, take advantage of every brand and special offered at Remember, it gets delivered straight to your door, so no shlepping necessary. Pick from a variety of wines for your Sedarim! Choose from a variety of wines that offer amazing value and are up to 45% off retail, or pick from hundreds of […]


Pesach with Lasko Getaways

By Kosher Guru / February 28, 2021

  Let’s talk Pesach in South Florida for for just a minute.    Lasko Getaways now has 3 amazing options for all to enjoy!    Looking for that upscale all inclusive program? Look no further and join them at the JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa.    Tired of ordering and getting frozen meals […]


Partner up With Kosher Response This Purim

By Kosher Guru / February 21, 2021

  Matonos L’evyonim for needy families in our community and beyond! Purim is almost here and the families that Kosher Response help each and every day are in dire need of our continued help and support. We can’t do it without you! We will be distributing this week to hundreds of families and need your help. Please partner with us doing this […]


Kosher is coming to Rhode Island

By Kosher Guru / February 15, 2021

  Ahava Foods, Owned By Freda Ronkin and Jeffrey Ingber is excited to announce the opening of “Bubbies Market & Deli” located at 727 Hope Street in Providence, Rhode Island. Bubbies Market & Deli is scheduled to open in early March. The market will feature a full line of Jewish/Kosher groceries along with quality fresh […]


Help Support Kollel Zichron Michel

By Kosher Guru / February 3, 2021

  It’s a wild world out there. And if the past few months have taught us anything, it’s that nothing is certain but the Torah itself. As each individual’s own connection to Torah has become their anchor, the Kollel is our collective Teivah that helps us weather the storm. Through the storm of change that […]



By Kosher Guru / February 3, 2021

  Tired of ordering and getting frozen meals for Pesach? Always wanted your very own kosher private chef? Well now you can. You can now get freshly prepared gourmet foods with a curated menu just for your delivered daily to your home or apartment in South Florida. Not only that but they will Kasher your […]

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