Walk and hike in the Great Canyons of Arizona on the Jumbo-Combo Trip with Dani’s Kosher Outdoor Adventures

Walk and hike in the Great Canyons of Arizona on the Jumbo-Combo Trip with Dani's Kosher Outdoor Adventures.   Explore Antelope Canyon, The Grand Canyon, Glen Canyon, Sedona, Horseshoe Bend, and Lake Powell with guides from the Navajo tribe, sharing their story, their music, and their traditions. May 8-15, 2023   Book now: www.kosheroutdooradventures.com  

Join the Riverside Experience This Chol Hamoed Pesach!

Join the Riverside Experience!   This Chol Hamoed Pesach, singers *Mordechai Shapiro, Benny Friedman, and Joey Newcomb* bring their talents to Orlando & New Jersey! Join them for 2 thrilling concerts with an impressive lineup of talent, and support Zissel's Links, an organization that helps Yesomim year-round. *Make a positive impact while rejoicing in song and spirit!* Get your tickets at www.gronnyandickyproductions.com

Shekels for Chesed – Helping Local Families In Need

This coming Shabbos we read Parshas Shekolim.  We don't have a Bais Hamikdash to which to donate our Shekolim and our Rabbis tell us that today doing Chesed is in place of the Korban offerings.  Please join our "Shekels for Chesed" campaign.   The Leon Mayer Fund is many things for many families. It provides emergency assistance to those in need while maintaining their dignity. This includes newlyweds, families with single...

Book Signing with Vice President Mike Pence – February 22, 2023

Join Mike Pence and the Israel Heritage Foundation for a book signing event in Manhattan on February 22.   Vice President Mike Pence is a true patriot and friend of Israel. This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a delicious kosher meal in an upscale restaurant while supporting an organization doing so much for Israel and the Jewish People. Please consider going to support a great cause and receive a signed copy of his book and hear him...


Israel Heritage Foundation is excited to announce their upcoming book signing with former Secretary of State, the honorable Mike Pompeo. Tuesday, January 24th, 2023- Wallstreet Grill, NYC.   Each guest will receive a signed copy of Mr. Pompeo's new book: Never Give an Inch: Fighting For The America I Love. With special guest Andrea Catsimatidis- chair of the Manhatten Republican Party and Executive at Red Apple Group.   Link to...