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The RCCS Barbecue

By Kosher Guru / August 6, 2018 You want the truth? Can you handle the truth? The RCCS Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society helped over 175 cancer patients in JUST the Flatbush community alone this past year. You too can be part of the team. #FlatbushFact1 – There will be an EPIC BBQ showcase brought to you by Glatt Mart. #FlatbushFact2 – Live performance by 8th Day! #FlatbushFact3 – This amazing men’s […]


The Camp HASC Experience

By Kosher Guru / July 25, 2018

site de rencontre wanadoo With so many migrating up to the Catskills for Shabbos Nachamu, I couldn’t think of a better way to take a #break from my weekend and spend my Sunday than at the “happiest place on earth” at Camp HASC. Join me along with singing sensations Mordechai Shapiro מרדכי שפירא, Simcha Leiner שמחה ליינר & Meir Kay to brighten up anyone’s day and mood […]


Whiskey Jewbilee 2018

By Kosher Guru / May 22, 2018

go site Start your weekend off on a good start. Wait, let me rephrase that…start your weekend off on an UhMAzing start! Studio450 in NYC is a premier loft venue and the perfect location for a night of sophistication and chill (Isn’t that the phrase the young kids are saying these days?!) Join me on Thursday, June […]



By Kosher Guru / May 7, 2018

single finnmark NCSY, an organization close to my heart with their focus on our youth today and the future. Their focus on positively growing each individual that walks their path towards a brighter future in love of Torah, Hashem and Judaism. Join myself and many other who have signed up to partake on a day of heath, […]


YTCTE Chinese Auction

By Kosher Guru / May 7, 2018

If you see what I see, then we are both looking at an amazing night out in a trendy new venue with chances to WIN BIG! Join me Sunday night May, 27th as I once again host what’s most probably the grandest and chicest Chinese Auction on behalf of Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes in […]


Spend Shavuos with your family in the Catskills

By Kosher Guru / April 25, 2018

With Shavuos around the corner, there’s no better place to spend it than at Hudson Valley Resort and Spa together with us. You’ll get a lineup of inspirational speakers, breathtaking Chazanus, and a Heimishe choir. Delectable food by Chef Avrumie Flam to enjoy while surrounded by the beautiful green hills surrounding the hotel…what more do […]


Celebrate Israel’s 70th Birthday with a Falafel Ball Eating Contest at Pitopia Wednesday April 18th at 6pm

By Kosher Guru / April 15, 2018

Celebrate Israel’s ?? 70th Birthday with a Falafel Ball Eating Contest at Pitopia Wednesday April 18th at 6pm. Hosted by me! Email for a chance to be entered. See or Falafel Ball Eating Contest Rules 20 contestants will be chosen from all email addresses submitted. Contestants selected will be notified by email.  Each contestant will be given 12 Falafel […]

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