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Tasty Taco Flatbreads!

By Kosher Guru / May 24, 2019

Taco Tuesday is a big deal all over the world. Ok maybe just the Instagram blogger world but it certainly is a really good midweek day to have this fun creative cuisine. There are so many ways to eat a taco. Soft shell, hard shell, in a salad. Today I have another way to eat […]


Heimish Liver and Onions

By kosherguru / April 12, 2019

There was always a dish growing up that I couldn’t get enough of. I remember my grandmother Kashering fresh chicken livers straight from the butcher under the broiler, and then being able to have these amazing fresh hot chicken livers. I love them plain, but I also love them as chopped liver and even in large […]


Mexican Taco Quinoa Salad

By Kosher Guru / March 28, 2019

With spring in the air I’m always looking for salads that are also full meals, and are super easy to make. I even make this salad on Shabbos because all the ingredients can be cold. it’s also a great salad because it fills you up! I don’t always love quinoa but in salads, I find […]


Shawarma Sausages & Brussels With Techina

By Kosher Guru / March 5, 2019

I’m a big fan of Israel and with that I’m also a fan of its cuisine. The first stop off any flight I have to the mother country, is always to get my shawarma and falafel fix. I mean even the best falafel and shawarma in the U.S is comparable to the worst shawarma and […]


Moroccan Stuffed Mushrooms

By Kosher Guru / February 20, 2019

I told you how obsessed I am with all things Moroccan lately. Well I’ve been making Moroccan fish, I already told you about my Moroccan chili and I dream about what else I can make with these flavors. My older son has been watching his waistline so I’ve been trying to come up with healthy […]


Moroccan Chili Recipe

By Kosher Guru / February 20, 2019

Lately, I have been obsessed with all things Moroccan. I even think I need to take a trip to Morocco and I’ve been getting a lot of pressure from a certain Maître D and his brother to do so. For now, I guess I’ve decided to just cook with their spices and amazing Ingredients. For the […]


Sausage Veggie Bowls

By Kosher Guru / January 30, 2019

Grain and veggie bowls have become increasingly popular. I really enjoy having so many different fun textures in one bowl. It’s also a super easy meal with all the veggies grains and proteins in one dish. I love roasted veggies because of the sweetness that comes out of the veggies once roasted and I am also […]


Oyster Steak

By Kosher Guru / January 12, 2019

I love a really good steak. There are so many different variations of meat it gets confusing in the meat aisle. I’m a big rib steak fan but lately I’ve been turned on to other cuts. I learned the hard way that if you want steak you can actually chew it has to be good […]


Beef Fry Potato Bombs

By Kosher Guru / December 18, 2018

I have a daughter who loves potatoes. She loves them in any way shape and form. Kugel, roasted mashed I need to make every Shabbos or I guess off with my head. In our house I guess you call them shalom bayis foods. For me it’s roasted eggplant and techina and for her it’s all […]


Pastrami Chicken Roll Ups

By Kosher Guru / December 5, 2018

On yontif we used eat by the Rabbi of the shul for a meal. His rebbetzin is an amazing cook!  She always made the most yummy and intricate dishes. One meal she made pastrami stuffed chicken and I will never forget it. I really enjoyed it so much I needed to recreate my own version […]

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