Heimish Liver and Onions

There was always a dish growing up that I couldn’t get enough of. I remember my grandmother
Kashering fresh chicken livers straight from the butcher under the broiler, and then being able to
have these amazing fresh hot chicken livers. I love them plain, but I also love them as chopped
liver and even in large chunks with sautéed onions. I now make a version of liver and onions
that reminds me of the way my grandmother made them. It’s a cross between the silky smooth
chopped liver and the chunky liver and onions that I usually favor when I spot them at kidushim.
This Liver is an amazing treat on Pesach because the ingredients don’t really change from
Pesach to all year round. I don’t like to Kasher my own chicken livers it’s usually a big pain.
Baruch Hashem Meal Mart makes these packages of chicken livers that are just whole broiled
livers  that you can then add your own additions. I found K for P crackers and I can’t wait to
have these livers at my Yontif table

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