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Succulent Moroccan Salmon

By Kosher Guru / May 3, 2019

On our Mid-Winter Vacation with Kosher Luxe in Mammoth California the culinary team there served a delicious Moroccan Salmon appetizer for Shabbos dinner. My kids loved it so much they kept asking for more, and in true Kosher Luxe style they had plenty for all. Upon returning back to New York after vacation my kids […]


Zucchini Chips

By Kosher Guru / January 30, 2019

I grew up experimenting in the kitchen. We would gather around the kitchen and just create different dishes that appealed to us. We were always a veggie heavy family and I remember that the fridge always had to be stocked a few times a week to keep up with the demand. One favorite, and most […]


Somewhat Chunky Potato Soup

By Kosher Guru / December 5, 2018

When night starts at about 4:30PM now it usually means it’s cold outside. I start making a big pot of soup every week to get me through dinners, and maybe even a lunch or two. Soup is easy to make, comes together quick, the kids love it especially with croutons, and it’s healthy. Oh did […]


Roman Style Artichokes

By Kosher Guru / December 5, 2018

Growing up my parents had these family friends who were Italian. They would always create all these amazing dishes in their kitchen that were off limits to us since they were not kosher. I would just look at their food and drool. One day I said I was going to create these dishes in my […]


Roasted Brussel Sprouts With Chinese 5 Spice

By Kosher Guru / November 2, 2018

There is something about Brussel sprouts that either has you going eww not for me or yum, I can’t get enough. For those who said eww I just don’t think you know how to cook them. Lots of people over cook them until they are mushy, smelly little suckers that I wouldn’t touch with a ten […]


Baked “Fried” Flounder

By Kosher Guru / October 24, 2018

When I was younger I remember my Mom always making dinner for my father fresh right when he came home. Naturally his dinners always looked so yummy we used to want to try his food. One go to dinner she made for my father was fried founder which my Grand Mother would always make for […]


Lemon Pepper Salmon With Dill Sauce

By Kosher Guru / June 3, 2018

If you see what’s going on in the Guru Test Kitchen we make a lot of salmon. Yes my kids eat it, ok one doesn’t so I try and make it while she’s at a soccer practice, or some other night that she’s busy, and believe me most weeks it’s more than once a week that […]

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