Kosher Guru Consulting provides highly personalized consulting services in the hospitality business. We service independent restaurant groups, restaurateurs, and entrepreneurs who are planning the development of their first or next restaurant concept – whether full service, fast-casual or hybrid. With a combined 50+ years in the business, we believe we can assist in the successful development of a new restaurant, from build-out through daily management.

We at Kosher Guru Consulting consulting can just as well assist in turning around a restaurant that might be struggling to reach its goals. 




Turn Around Services

Whether turnaround is already a must or is something the establishment obviously wants to avoid, early recognition and diagnosis are vitally important. The Kosher Guru Consulting team will focus their knowledge and talent to assess your specific needs and areas of vulnerability, formulate an effective restructuring plan, and monitor its implementation. Our Operations Review Team will uncover the cause of performance shortfalls and propose an action plan that is practical, measurable, and time-bounded.
We then assume crisis management roles as consultants to the principal, chief executive officer, or interim senior management to accomplish specific results, such as operational improvements in underperforming enterprises, or to effect an orderly change in management or ownership of the business.


Menu Makeover

In doing so, Kosher Guru Consulting creates market advantage – through menu development, menu makeover, menu engineering, menu presentation, recipe development, food cost analyses, portion control, purveyors audit, purchasing specifications, and recruitment of culinary talent, overall creative direction, public relations. and branding.
Work can occur in the following areas:

• Menu Engineering
• Menu Writing, Language, Format, and Creative Presentation
• Recruitment of the Culinary Team
• Training of the Culinary Team
• Competitive Shopping
• Research and Development
• Recipe Development
• Menu Testing
• Specification of Operational Requirements
• Equipment Specification
• Kitchen Design
• Recipe Translation into Commercial Execution
• Confirm Portions Sizes
• Batch and Plate Costing
• Suggested Menu Pricing
• Hypothetical Food Cost
• Ingredients List
• Retail Product Line: Retail Item
• Pricing/Packaging
• Environment Sustainability Analysis with Recommendations
• Public Relations
• Marketing
Kosher Guru Consulting will assist the client to identify, negotiate and secure the appropriate culinary talent, food publicist, food writer, kitchen design firm, creative direction and management talent.


Talk Of The Town

Having a great concept is a good starting point but achieving success takes a lot more. To succeed in the restaurant world, your business needs to create, and maintain BUZZ and CREDIBILITY. To do this you will need well-thought-out communication and marketing plan.
Our Marketing and Communications Experts develop customized marketing and communications plans to suit your particular concept, target customer, and budget.
We’ll guide and assist you in implementing the plan, including the following activities:

• Launch events, tastings, and other special events
• Public relations/media relations
• Celebrity programs
• Strategic partnerships
• Direct marketing
• Internet marketing including viral marketing, blogs, websites, etc.
• Special promotions



You dream… we’ll make it real.
And really work. Our sensitive, customized, expedited approach defines the concept, the operational requirements, and the critical pre-opening path for the start-up of original concepts.
Our approach is organized to manage the planning, progression, and accomplishment of the major tasks and activities required by all professionals and subcontractors.
A personalized scope of work is first defined for each client – determined by the unique requirements of the project. A typical scope of work encompasses transparent oversight of the entire startup process, including:

• Conceptual Development
• Real Estate, Site Feasibility and
• Lease Negotiation
• Interior Design
• Filing Architect
• Kitchen Design
• Equipment Specification
• Engineering
• Equipment Bidding
• Bidding and Selection of General
• Contractor
• Bidding and Selection of the
• Subcontractors
• Oversight for the Filing of Permits
• Owner Representatives for
• Construction Site Supervision
• Sourcing Suppliers for All Products
• Associated with the Industry
• Pos and Operations Set Up
• IT
• Security
• Culinary and Management Talent Recruitment
• Staff Recruitment / Training Manuals
• Health and Safety Standards
• Planning and Execution of Pre-Opening Activities
• Implementation of Operational
• Systems and Day-To-Day Procedures Previews
• Grand Opening