TAP Healthy Hot Dogs


Do you love a good hot dog on the grill? I know when I make a BBQ hot dogs are the first things that goes on my menu. I love hot dogs with mustard and kraut. What do you put on yours? Lately, the hot dog has gotten a super bad reputation in terms of health. I try and find the lower sodium no nitrate hot dogs, but most of the time, even those are highly processed and contain lots of added ingredients that aren’t so great for you. TAP has come out with a super low processed chicken hot dog that has no nitrates, low in sodium, no MSG and low in fat. In fact, I think it’s actually a really healthy hot dog. It sounds almost too good to be true but now I can have my hot dog at my summer BBQ’s and give it to my kids with no guilt whatsoever. They are also really well priced and comparable to a regular hot dog from the grocery. So try a healthy hot dog, and let me know. There is no need to stay away from the processed dogs, when there is a healthy TAP alternative!

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