O.vine Wine Essence Water

Water that tastes like wine!?

Yes please!

Galil Mountain Winery located in Israel creates some of the best wines in the country, and have recently thought of the most genius concept when it comes to producing an ahhmazing drink, and a unique one at that! Their latest creation which they like to call “winemaking waste” , is using the leftover skins and seeds of grapes that are used to make wine, and turning it into something magical! An alcohol free wine grape infused water, that is cool and refreshing! Fun fact is that there is a lot of antioxidants in the skin and seeds of grapes, so making this drink not only delicious but also low cal, and good for you!
O.vine Wines provides a variety of drinks from Cabernet Sauvignon to Chardonnay, and are slowly launching in different parts of the world, including the US! The good news is that they are ready available to order online at their website www.winewater.com
O.vine Wine is certified by the Rabbi of the Galil Mountain Winery, the Rabbinate of Tiberias in Israel, and also Badatz Beit Yossf.


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