Amstelvelder Gouda Cheese


How Cheesy Are You!

Do you like cheese? I’m not talking about American cheese that melts like plastic, that is so processed I think the cheese will probably last through a nuclear war. I’m talking the Artisanal kind, sometimes a little smelly, with a distinct flavor usually that pairs amazingly with wine and fruit to bring out the complexity of the cheese. Growing up I was an American cheese kid, I don’t think it was a thing to even know what a Gouda , Camembert or a Manchego was. When I worked at a gourmet supermarket in Brooklyn I became a cheese guy. I learned about cheeses that were never available kosher in the United States. I learned to enjoy them on a long Shabbos afternoon with a family cheese party for shalosh seudot. It’s really amazing how much the cheese world has grown, and what has now become a staple in the supermarkets. No longer are most people grabbing for the American, but maybe they are getting a little more adventurous and trying the cheddar, Gouda and Brie cheeses. One such cheese I enjoy comes from Holland it’s a Gouda from Amstelvelder. Gouda is a cheese originating from the Netherlands and it’s pretty mild. I enjoy it with crackers, or even melted in a cheese sandwich. With the nine days around the corner and dairy as a staple in our homes for the week I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, you might actually enjoy it.

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