Meal Mart Chicken Nuggets

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner! 

I went away on vacation the other week. It was an incredible experience, but that also meant I left my little ones home with family to watch them. I  Didn’t want to make it too hard on my sister in law who was so amazing to take in an extra crew, so I told her I would help with meal organization for the week. My kids helped come up with a menu. Bbq one night, pasta another, tacos for of course Tuesday, pizza for Thursday. What I was most surprised about was what they wanted for Wednesday. They specifically asked for Meal Mart chicken nuggets. I don’t usually give them these for dinner, it’s usually an easy quick lunch for school, but knowing I was going to be away they wanted these as a treat. It happened to have been the easiest for my sister in law to prepare, and the one meal the kids enjoyed the most too. Next time I guess maybe it will be chicken nuggets every night and then maybe my sister in law won’t mind us being away for 2 weeks!

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