Artisan Sushi Restaurant Opening in Fort Lauderdale!


A lot of places serve sushi, but not quite like this! Sushi Stop located at 2909 Sterling Rd. Fort Lauderdale,is taking a sushi to a whole ‘nother level with chef crafted sushi! Displaying beautiful classic and modern rolls using only fresh and hand crafted ingredients! On the menu there are a variety of rolls to choose from, as well as having a few healthy Poke bowl options! We are also so excited to see unique desserts on the menu,as Sushi Stop will be serving authentic parve Japanese desserts such as Japanese Cheesecake, and Matcha Tiramisu, along side handmade bubble teas!!
Sushi Stop is certified by Sunshine State Kosher and gluten free and vegan options are available
For more information call 954-842-0404 and for full menu visit their website

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