New Shuk Style-Eatery Opens In LA


Lenny’s Bazaar, sister to Lenny’s Casita, brings the flavors of the Middle East Shuk to LA! Their menu is all Shuk-style street food created by culinary creator Chef Lenny (the culinary genius behind some well known restaurants, such as Charcoal, Doma Land + Sea, Alenbi, Mike’s Bistro) They have a variety items starting with appetizers (Cauliflower Chips YUM!) to Hummus, Focaccia, Sandwiches, Meats on the grill, Salads, and of course Dessert! 

For more information and full menu click here

Lenny’s Bazaar is certified by OK and located at 4817 W Pico Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90019

Pots Fall Sale