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It’s a wild world out there.

And if the past few months have taught us anything, it’s that nothing is certain but the Torah itself.

As each individual’s own connection to Torah has become their anchor, the Kollel is our collective Teivah that helps us weather the storm.

Through the storm of change that this year has been, the Kollel has B”H remained strong and unwavering in our dedication to learning and teaching Torah.

For the last fifteen years, the Kollel has been a mainstay of dynamic Limud Hatorah that has transformed our lives, our families, and our community. The unyielding dedication to Torah of our Yungeleit is at the heart of our community’s constant growth.

We have seen a year of so much change, yet the Kollel has remained steady.

No matter what goes on – there is one truth that keeps us going:

There will always be a Teivah where the influence of Torah prevails.

This year we invite you to come on board with the Kollel.

Heed to the call of בא אל התיבה! Come to the Teivah!

Experience the connection.

Feel the vibrancy.

And savor the safety of a sanctuary amid the storm.

Now more than ever we can appreciate this source of clarity, connection, and confidence.

The Kollel is for everyone. And everyone’s help is what keeps it going.

Kollel Zichron Michel has created a seismic shift in our community. It has taught us the power of consistent Limud Hatorah, and provided us with a beacon of inspiration whose perpetuity is self-evident.

Invest in Torah now. Reap the dividends always.

Let’s hold on to our Teivah. And keep it going.

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