Patis Bakery arrives at the Upper West Side!

We are excited to announce the opening of Patis Bakery in New York! Originally this bakery is located at 323 Ridge Road, Lyndhurst NJ, and is a full on bakery serving the best of French American pastries, artisan breads, decadent chocolate and so much more! With dairy and parve options, Patis really provides it all! It’s new additional location will be at the Arthouse Hotel located at 77th and Broadway in the Upper West Side. This bakery will provide some of Patis signature pastries, sweet and savory, but on a smaller scale. Resembling more of a small cafe, Patis Bakery will be stationed in the hotel lobby where guests and visitors can buy these delicious foods, while having a comfy atmosphere to enjoy them in!
With pastries like these, we’re glad we don’t have to travel all the way to Jersey to taste some!

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