Dough Doughnuts Become Kosher

Dough Doughnuts Become Kosher

The famed Dough was founded in 2010 in Brooklyn. Dough Doughnuts became everyone’s favorite doughnuts both in Brooklyn and internationally. They opened up in Manhattan and Queens as well, expanding their oversized unique doughnuts across NY but also providing shipping nationwide! Dough recently received a Kosher certification on all their locations. Perfect timing with Chanukah right around the corner! The dough has a huge variety of flavors, from their all-year-round staples to seasonal ones and even vegan options!

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The dough is certified by IKC supervision. All regular doughnuts prepared in their facilities are kosher and Dairy (Cholov Stam). All Vegan doughnuts are Kosher and Pareve.

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