The Real Fialkoff’s Now In Boro Park!

Breaking News!
Gershi of the Famous Fialkoffs Pizza of Monticello has taken over Gobo’s cafe & Pizza located at 5421 New Utrecht Ave in Brooklyn!
Gershi from Fialkoffs Pizza at 250 E Broadway Monticello, New York has confirmed that he and his partner have bought this popular cafe and pizza store.
Gobos Cafe/Gershi pizza will feature all the popular items from Fialkoff’s Pizza that has been a trademark for over 40 years as well as all the delicious pastries and all items on there menu that Gobo’s is known for. The Brooklyn location is now open, and will be receiving new items throughout the week.
Go say hi to Gershi and enjoy some of there amazing pastries and popular items today while the famous pizza and knishes will be available next week.
You can now enjoy Fialkoffs in Monticello which opened for the season this week as well as Gobo’s/Gershi all year long.
As we wait for more details to unfold, we are excited to check out this new location, and enjoy all the amazing food they have to offer!

Stay tuned!


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    • No but Fialkoff Pizza has another location upstate as well as express stations in supermarkets!

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