All Kosher Spots At The American Dream Mall

After years in the works, American Dream Mega Mall is the one stop place for entertainment, shopping, and eating out for the whole family to enjoy! They’ve got an insane lineup  with an indoor water park, ski slope, amusement park, aquarium, ice rink, and so much more!! Also, for the first time ever in the US there will be a mega Kosher Dining Hall located in the mall! But for now check out what’s up and running at American Dream Mall featuring a sweet list of Kosher vendors.  Check out below the list and enjoy!

A’jar Sweet Cream Factory: Ice cream and Desserts in a Jar certified by Kof-K and is Chalav Yisrael

Located at Garden Court, Level 1

Bravo Pizza (coming soon)

Located at Parks Court, Level 3

Cinnanbon: Baked goods certified by Kof-K (Chalav Stam)

Located at Parks Court, Level 1

Chickies: Fast Food at its finest. Certified by Kof-K and RCBC.

Located at Court A, Level 1

Cotton Pop Shop: Popcorn and Cotton Candy stand certified by Kof-K, items are Parve

Located on Main floor next to Angry Birds

Dunkin Donuts: Coffee and more certified by Kof-K , Chalav Stam

Located at Parks Court, Level 1

Haagen – Dazs: Ice cream and more(store has no hashgacha, but most of the ice creams are certified Kosher OU-D)

Located at Court A, Level 2 and Court C, Level 3

Kosher Dining Hall: A variety of Kosher dining restaurants (coming soon)

It’ Sugar: Largest Candy store in the world! Displaying a Kosher section certified by Kof-K

Located at Parks Court, Level 1

Miele Gelato: Gelato and Sorbet stand certified by Star-K. Gelato are Chalav Yisrael and Sorbets are Parve

Located on Level 1 near DreamWorks Waterpark

Pots Fall Sale

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