Israeli Restaurant Opens Soon At The University Of Minnesota!


This so exciting! What better way to start off the new school year, with an amazing dining experience on campus! House of Hummus is set to open at the the University Of Minnesota this week on September 3rd! The idea of this new joint is to bring something for everyone to the table! The Chabad on campus is behind this amazing new eatery, and their main goal is to provide every student a delicious warming meal whether Jewish or not. They are even trying to get a Halal certification so that Muslim students can eat and enjoy as well! House of Hummus will provide a variety of dishes starting with the classic Israeli dishes as shawarma,and falafel bowls, to classic Jewish foods with potato knishes and matzah ball soup! Vegetarian and Vegan options will also be available!
House of Hummus is certified by United Mehadrin Kosher
For more information call (612) 396-2788

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