Brooklyn’s Very First Kosher Beer Garden!

Yes you read that right!
Toli Dubinsky, Isaac Bernstein formerly executive chef of Pomegranate Supermarket, and Zalman Skoblo are the masterminds behind this unique restaurant called Gruit, a fun new kosher beer garden in the heart of Crown Heights. Brooklyn is known to have some good eats, but with this new hot spot open, kosher dining has just stepped up a level! Located at 252 Empire Blvd, Gruit, is a first of it’s kind, and is taking the classics of Ashkenazi comfort foods to a whole ‘nother level! Whether it’s stuffed cabbage filled with facon, or chicken liver served with a good piece of sourdough bread, the menu consists of high quality dishes combined with a gastropub feel to it. Along side these hearty dishes, a cocktail menu is of course available as well, featuring a variety of beer and artisan beer cocktails!
This restaurant will have indoor and outdoor seating, providing a great environment for families, and also offering take out and catering for events!

Gruit is certified by the OK Supervision and is opened Sunday-Thursday from 5pm-11pm
For more information check out their website

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