Michelin Star Chef Asaf Granit Opens Kosher Restaurant

Michelin star Chef Asaf Granit Opens Kosher Restaurant

Chef Asaf Granit was born and raised in Jerusalem, and from a young age felt inspired by his grandmother’s cooking. He would follow his grandmother and explore the different tastes and aromas of Jerusalem’s streets. He is the owner of many restaurants such as Balagan, Agripas, Hasadna, and the Parisian restaurant Shabour. In January 2021, Granit was awarded a Michelin star for his Shabour restaurant. It is the first Michelin star awarded to an Israeli restaurant in France. Chef Asaf is now returning to his homeland and is opening his first Kosher restaurant in Tiberias called “Lotte”. 

Lotte is located inside the Galei Kinneret Hotel and offers dishes inspired by the chef’s travels. This restaurant also provides room service, outside dining, a bar, and even a food truck!.

Lotte is certified by the local Rabbanut of Tiberius

For more information and to make reservations visit their website here

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