Kenover Marketing Takes Over The Famed Manischewitz!


This is BIG news!
Kenover Marketing belongs to Kayco Company, a major leading Kosher food distributor within the US. You may be familiar with some of of their brands, such as Gefen, Glicks, and so much more. Kayco is a family company owned by the Herzogs, who are known for their success in their famed brand “Kedem Grape Juice”, which eventually led to branching out and producing an additional food product line, which is how Kayco was born. Manischewitz another HUGE Kosher food company that has been around since the early 1900’s, and has made a name for itself across the globe and in Jewish homes. Their classic products include of course Matzo (which is how the company actually got started) crackers, gefilte fish, wine, and loads more of the classic European Jewish food. Today Kayco and Manischewitz have announced that they have joined forces, and Kayco will lead and supply all of Manischewitz food products! This is a big step for both companies and means that new designs and marketing strategies are in store for Manischewitz! There are still more details under wraps, but we are looking forward to hearing more of what the future holds for these 2 great companies!
Stay tuned!

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  • A bottle of kosher wine with a burning rag tied to it is a mazel-tov cocktail.

    Israeli moonshine is Hebrew home-brew.

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