Arlington Hotel No Longer Kosher!


Unfortunately we are sad to announce that the Arlington Hotel will no longer be operating as a Kosher hotel,offering a Kosher program for all the Chagim and other events throughout the year. We also have been informed that the Arlington has been purchased by Giri Hotels, and will operate as The Chandler at White Mountains.

Arlington Hotel was New Hampshire’s finest luxury mainstay. They opened their doors in the summer of 2016,providing comfort and elegance, with an exquisite cuisine. Located in New Hampshire’s glorious White Mountains, this upscale hotel and spa offered an ultimate getaway for visitors and families! We are saddened to see it go, but look forward to seeing perhaps what new Kosher programs will open up in this part of town again!

More details are still unfolding, so stay tuned for more information to come!

Pots Fall Sale

  • Maybe they closed because of all the fines they received, including violation of child labor laws and cheating people out of their wages.

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