Bahamas Resort Gets Ready To Open Kosher Restaurant!

Winter/Yeshiva break is upon us and everyone is out on vacation! One of the popular places to visit is the grand Atlantis Resort located in the Bahamas! For Yeshiva break, the Atlantis Resort together with Kosherica (cruise travel company) are providing a full pop up Kosher restaurant (Beach Bite Restaurant- The Cove), serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
Breakfast and lunch do not need any prior reservations, but Dinner and Shabbos meals need a reservation, made 3 days in advance*
In addition, since there is such great feedback regarding this Kosher pop up, the Atlantis Resort recently announced their plans to open a full on Israeli style Kosher restaurant this coming May! This new hotspot will be certified by the OK and chefs from Israel will be coming in and take part in this exciting new project!

We cannot wait for more details!
Stay tune!

Beach Bite Restaurant- The Cove is under the OK supervision
​*For more information or to make a reservation please contact Atlantis reservation department at 888 526 0386. (Please note: This is a project of the Atlantis Hotel not Chabad)


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