New MexiCali Kosher Restaurant Opens In LA!


Lenny’s Casita is the brand new fine casual MexiCali street food eatery now open in LA! Chef Lenny is the mastermind behind this new joint, and was the culinary creator at some iconic restaurants such as Charcoal, Doma, Alenbi, and Mike’s Bistro.

Their menu includes a variety of items from flat breads, tacos, to burritos, salads, wings, and more!

*To view full menu click here (click on order online to view menu)

Lenny’s Casita is certified by OK and is Chassidishe Schita and Pas Yisrael

They are located at 4817 W Pico BLVD B Los Angeles and are open Sunday from 3pm-10pm and Monday-Thursday from 4:30pm-10pm (closed Fridays and Saturdays)

For more information call 323-677-5597


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