Easy Homemade Yogurt by Rebeka Boxer|@mrskosherguru


What have you been doing with all that “blue” milk you’ve been getting on a weekly basis? Well we’ve been making yogurt for all to enjoy. We hope you find this recipe easy and enjoyable.

What you will need
1 container plain unflavored yogurt containing active live cultures.
1 gallon milk (2 half gallons “blue“ milk).
Large pot
Thermometer that attaches to a pot
Cheesecloth or a nut milk bag, coffee filter or a tea towel.
Large Strainer that can fit into another container or a pot.

In a large pot empty 1 gallon of milk and allow to come to 180 degrees.

When it comes to 180 degrees turn off the stove and allow to cool to 110 degrees, have patience, dont skip this waiting period or you will kill the bacteria in the yogurt.

Once it cools take your plain yogurt and add about 1 cup of the milk to it to thin it out.

Return the milk and yogurt mixture to the large pot with the rest of the milk and stir in the mixture.

Cover the pot with the cover and wrap the pot in a towel and place in your oven 8 hrs or overnight.

In the morning strain your yogurt using a cheesecloth lined strainer over another pot (or container) in the fridge for a few hours until the yogurt strains to your desired consistency (use the liquid(whey) that is released for smoothies it’s full of protein).

Enjoy your yogurt with homemade granola and cut up fruit.

To make more yogurt use your homemade yogurt as your starter, no need to buy yogurt again!


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