Kosher Menu Now Available on Norwegian Cruise Line!

We are so excited to announce that Norwegian Cruises will now provide an all full Kosher menu! An addition to having an ahhmazing dining experience, all ships now will accommodate Jewish passengers for Shabbos and Holidays.  Whether serving Challah and wine for Shabbos, or giving Matzah on Pesach , they are providing the best for the Kosher masses!
Each meal will serve a first course, main course, 2 side dishes and of course dessert! With a variety in meat, chicken and fish
All orders must be made 30 days prior to one’s trip to ensure availability, and if ordering for a big group, all dishes can be made on the premises in a full Kosher kitchen!
All dishes will be fully sealed and packaged, and is being certified and supervised by the OU
and is catered by Borenstein Catering.
For more information, visit their site

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