Lean + Mean Muffins Summer Launch!

Gluten free! Dairy free! Refined sugar free! and Low fat! What else can you ask for?! These ahhmazing new muffins are going to be a hit in the kosher food scene! Janie Cayre is the mastermind behind this new muffin line called Lean + Mean, which is launching this Thursday, June 27 at Ouris Market in Deal, New Jersey!
These mini sized muffins are full of flavor and make a great snack or breakfast on the go! There are 2 insane flavors to pick from, Double Chocolate and Morning Glory, which consists of carrots and raisins, providing a full on power bite that is good for you but without compromising on the flavor! These muffins range from 8-22 calories, making them truly a guilt less bite! Janie does provide as well, a regular line of desserts which include ahhmazing individual pies in apple and peach flavor!
Lean + Mean is certified by Rabbi David Choai, and orders can be made through email at cakesandcrumbs18@gmail.com

Enjoy, I know we will!


Janie Cayre is a baker at heart, and has taken her talent and passion to the next level! She is currently a pastry chef, and has worked at top upscale restaurants located in Brooklyn, NY. Janie has worked on several cookbooks, and also has been featured in Whisk Magazine! You can find her delicious recipes on kosher.com, and follow her on Instagram @lean_and_mean for more of her sweet creations!

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