Kosher Food Trucks Come To Israel!



Not 1

Not 2

Not 3

But 4  Kosher Food Trucks make their appearance off of Highway 1 outside Jerusalem and are in full service! The Mashav Food Trucks have brought their A-game and have created a taco, burger, pizza, and ice cream truck. There’s something delicious for everyone and Vegan dishes are available as well at each station.

On the menu for each truck you can find unique and tasty dishes such as Spicy Ribs, Beyond Meat Burger, “Edgy Veggie” Taco, “Walter White” Chicken Taco , Goat Cheese Pizza with honey and butter, Reese’s Pieces Ice cream and so much more! 

View full menu here

Spend an evening enjoying excellent food, pleasant music and good atmosphere, in front of the breathtaking view of the Jerusalem Mountains! 

Mashav Food Trucks are certified by Rabbanut Mateh Yehuda, and located at the Shoresh Interchange in Sho’eva, Israel( גבעת משב, מחלף שואב).

Sunday- Wednesday 5pm-11pm

Thursday- 5pm-12am


Motzei Shabbos- 9pm-12am

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