Sushi Kingdom & Asian Fusion Opens in Queens!


Sushi has been the latest trend for a while now, and we are excited to see another place open up serving it in unique ways! This new eatery is located at 7130 Main St, Flushing, and has a menu filled with a variety of sushi,and classic dishes with an Asian twist! Such as sushi rolls,veggie rolls, poke bowls, Asian inspired pizzas, soups, and even Falafel sushi and Gefilte fish sushi! Check out a preview of the menu down below!
Sushi Kingdom & Asian Fusion is certified by the Vaad of Queens and is open Sunday- Thursday from 11am-11pm, Fridays from 11am-5pm, and Motzei Shabbos an hour after Shabbos ends- 1am
For more information call (718) 575-5111

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