Kosher Grab ‘n’ Go Opens In Chicago


Kosher Club Caterer takes food to another level. They are all about creating fresh and delicious meals, and now with their new Grab ‘n’ Go, it’s all about quick and easy deliverance of high quality food. The Kosher Club To Go is delicious fresh food(never frozen!) made to order for gatherings of all sizes, whether you want an individual serving or for a larger crowd. Items you will find on the menu are Grilled rib eye steak, grilled chicken, loaded mash potatoes, assorted Club Dogs and grilled vegetables just to name a few…! Check out full menu here

Kosher Club To Go is certified by CRC and located at 3364 West Devon Avenue Lincolnwood, IL

Store Hours:Monday-Thursday 10:30am-8pm

Friday 10am-2pm and Sunday 12pm-8pm

Pots Fall Sale