Potato & Salami Bourekas

Bourekas are a staple in the Guru house. We make them on Shabbos, for a treat and the little ones gobble them down in seconds.

This week was a snow day and I had a few extra seconds to play and let me tell you it paid off because the added flavor was insane. I’m talking about making potato salami bourekas. The extra garlicky salty flavors that came from the Meal Mart salami were just incredible. If you do see yourselves making bourekas try a few with salami in them you will love it!!

Potato & Salami Bourekas
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  1. 5 yukon gold or red potatoes
  2. 1 large onion chopped
  3. 4-5-tbsp oil
  4. Salt
  5. Pepper
  6. Puff pastry squares
  7. Meal Mart salami cut into small pieces
  8. Egg for egg wash
  1. Place potatoes in a large stock pot filled with cold water.
  2. Turn flame onto high and boil potatoes until fork tender.
  3. While potatoes are cooking sauté diced onions in oil until golden and translucent.
  4. When potatoes are done peel and mash in a bowl.
  5. Add onions salt and pepper to potatoes.
  6. In the same frying pan as the onions sauté the cut up salami a little to bring out some flavor for like 1 minute and add salami to the mashed potato mixture.
  7. On the puff pastry squares roll them out just a little and add a tbsp of filling and fold in a triangle shape.
  8. Add each boureka to a parchment lined sheet pan leaving a little space between each boreka so they can puff up.
  9. Using the teeth of a fork go over the outside of each boureka to make sure they are sealed.
  10. Mix the egg in a bowl and brush each boureka with egg wash.
  11. You can add any seeds you want on these it makes for a pretty presentation or leave them as is.
  12. Bake in a preheated 400 degree oven for 15-20 minutes until puffed up and golden.
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