Cholent Hack

Cholent is one of those things that is so hard to measure. It really is the little bit of this a little bit of that kind of a thing. Some people like different kinds of spices some use different sauces. Some use hot dogs for flavor some even use sausages. I play around with the different types of meat I put in my cholent, I use a variety of flanken, cheek meat, and bones, but there are always staples that are a must. I like a barley based cholent, I use some beans but mostly barley.  Sometimes I put in jachnun which is a rolled up Israeli pastry dough. I also make my cholent so that it’s ready for Friday afternoon as a pre Shabbos gaming for the kids and I. They come home starving and this is a perfect way to feed and nourish them without any thought, and the leftovers are perfect for Shabbos day lunch or some even have it as their breakfast of champions. Hope you enjoy my hacks let me know what you think!

Kosher Guru Cholent Hacks

Always put in a caramelized onion

Marrow bones are a cholents best friend don’t make one without them they add both flavor and the marrow inside is the best part of the cholent so don’t waste it 😉

My favorite and ultimate hack is Meal Mart kishka.

I Cut it in half, half goes to flavor my cholent so I break it up and mix it in with the beans and meat, and the other half goes on the top for all the kishka lovers out there like me.

I hope you try these little hacks and let me know what you think!

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