WIZO’s KFW Miami Event

The buzzing of Wizo’s outstanding work for the KFWE Miami was non-stop! I mean with a breaking record of over 1,000 people to support a strong cause like the Women’s International Zionist Organization. With last minute changes I couldn’t make it down to Florida’s “IT” event of the year where all communities from South Beach going north past Boca Raton come together, but my staff reporter had me and Guru Nation covered.

With over a dozen of the best caterers, restaurants and bakeries on the perimeter of the Grand Ballroom at Turnberry it’s worth it to get the VIP access to first dibs on all the fresh foods (and they gave out VIP bags filled great goodies!)

Aroma Kosher Caterers started off one side of the room with hot chicken tacos along with an endless assortment of toppings.

Another hit who also rocked the Chanukah scene with her innovative and delectable donuts was The Maven Baker. I’ve had her desserts. Major variety, and hits the nail on the head with texture and taste. Of the best in SoFlo!

The center of the room had the most exquisite display of wines for all around the world. The representation was unbelievable. Herzog Winery with an extensive display looked great. 

Krudo I heard was a hot spot of the night. If you haven’t been to their store yet, you’re missing out. Freshest fish around town with cuts hard to find at your local Kosher market. Using only top-grade fish for their Herring, carpaccio, gravlax- no wonder that section had so much traffic. They served their famous poké and Kani salad. Even the famous RaBBi Q enjoyed it all.

Events by Executive Caterers from what I was told brought the heat to the event. Literally! They brought out sparklers to add to their display. Really showing you variety by serving spicy tuna over crispy rice bites, beef satay over noodles, chicken satay over crispy edamame and vegetable chicken dim sums. Going with the theme, the mini desserts of Green Tea Bubble Eclairs, Yuzu Bars and Mochi Sandwiches I heard we’re a knock out. They even topped it off with a Red Lotus Lychee cocktail. Pretty rocked out from the pictures sent.

I’m already looking forward to see what WIZO and the KFWE have set up for next year. You’ll be sure to have The Guru himself reporting live to share the secrets and behind the scenes. 

Written by a Kosher Guru staff reporter.

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