Help those in need of food for Passover in Israel

With bread and cereal off limits on Pesach, families depend on yogurt, cheese, leben and other dairy products to fill their children. But in the Rubin home, milchig products are a rare treat. The family can’t afford things like six-shekel-a-container cottage cheese – and won’t dip into their precious stash of shmurah matzah for breakfast. Neither will they get Pesach packages from any organization. They’re just secure enough not to qualify as “poor.”

Join us in funding the annual Mesamche Lev dairy products “sale” – the final segment of the famous Mesamche Lev massive Pesach distribution. The “sale” is where milchige products are sold for a third of the makolet price. A container of yogurt will be about 1.30 NIS (37 cents). Cottage cheese will be about 2 NIS (57 cents). But Mesamche Lev needs you to help make the sale possible. We’re raising funds to help us subsidize twenty tons of dairy products in three locations – Shomrei Emunim, Ezras Torah and Beit Shemesh. The cost is enormous – but thousands of families are depending on us.

Donate now to give hungry children satisfying, delicious dairy products this Pesach.

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