Finally Dining at Wall Street Grill

Take me back to the night of the brand new opening of the Wall Street Grill! Located at 128 Pearl Street, in Downtown Manhattan, this upscale grill has become the hot spot for over the top drinks and fine dining. We couldn’t wait to check this place out, and see what this new joint is all about! Right off the bat, when we got to the restaurant parking was so easily accessible. Which in my opinion, makes it that more desirable to eat out, especially in the City!

Right when walking in, there was a grand bar serving up the most beautiful and exotic drinks. Jules, one of the masterminds behind these inventive drinks, with SSquaredMixology (go check out their Instagram feed @SSquaredMixology) to the bring the only best to the table. We then got a tour of this amaaazing  2 leveled restaurant, which do have elevators if anyone is in need of them. To describe this place in short, because you really have to come to see the beauty of it yourself, the first level has an elegant and upscale dining area, along side two private rooms for parties and events. On the second level, right away your greeted with the beautiful butterfly artwork by the talented Elizabeth Sutton (go follow her genius creations on Instagram @elizabethsuttoncollection) This level is mainly enclosed as a rooftop tent, and is opened up when the weather gets warmer, and transforms into a cool outdoor setting with a bar, serving a funky cool vibe and atmosphere!
Now on to the good stuff! We started off the night with these delicious fish appetizers, some Sushi rolls, Hamachi Carpaccio, Three Sum Sushi Tacos. All of these had fresh tasting flavors (which sometimes is not the case with anything that has fish in it LOL) packed with Japanese seven spices and cooled with an array of fruits and vegetables. Next on the menu were meat appetizers, and let me just tell you the sweetbreads were very tender and tasty! Its either a dish that you LOVE or HATE, but it was a winner that night. The roasted bone marrow canoe was very succulent and beautifully presented, served with roasted garlic toasted pieces of bread, which hey never hurt no body! Now the Entrees, were something spectacular. We had the Grilled Veal Chop that was very tasty, served with a rich luscious sauce. And of course I had to try the Rib Chop! It was a beautiful dry aged steak, cooked perfectly to a medium rare, being one of the best steaks I EVER had! Yes it was that good!

We of course ended the night with some desserts to satisfy our sweet tooth, with an Olive Oil Cake and Chocolate Souffle. They tasted good, but nothing that blew me away. The restaurants are still working on their dessert menu, so I am looking forward to what sweet creations they”ll bring to the table.

Overall, our experience at the Wall Street Grill was a great one! The service was super attentive, the Maitre D was amazing, and on top of his game! Tables were constantly being cleared off, changing silverware, and making sure every customer was being taken care of.

This place should be on the top list of Great Kosher restaurants to visit in the City!

For more information, check out their website

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