Doma Land + Sea Sunday Brunch

By Kosher Guru / February 27, 2018 Aaah now picture this…Some kids at Sunday sports practice and some at a play date.

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hombres solteros mayores de 35 You’re free, you’ve got some quiet to end the weekend and to start the week off right. I know where I’d want to spend it. Now with DOMA’s brand new fabulous Sunday Brunch Menu I had the honor to try, I can sit, relax and enjoy a delicious high quality meat meal not just at night. Poaching an egg is an art. It’s all about timing. And this beautifully shaped egg topped their Smoked Salmon Benedict with Hollandaise sauce (Yes! It was parve and delicious!)

see url A southern classic, Chicken and Waffles always is a fun and adventurous dish to try. Made with juicy baby chicken; the  added  flavor and texture heightened this dish. There’s always room for dessert, and when you can’t decide between pancakes or french toast…collide them both on a plate to make sure you satisfy that sweet tooth! With their Brunch Menu from 11:30 am- 4pm and a fabulous ambiance great for a date, you would want to take advantage of this once a week opportunity

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