Musketeers Serving Up Supper

The Musket Club formed by 3 childhood friends from Queens, NY is a monthly supper club where it’s not only about food but about the arts. Upon arrival I was warmly greeted by Rachel Margolin who is in charge of Guest Services, I took my glass of lemon infused water out to the back to meet some of the other guests. As Rachel put it, “Having dinner with 20 friends who know each other would be ideal, but 20 different people coming together on an intimate level like this is even greater to watch!” Experiencing it for myself and seeing how true that statement is, I give them a lot of credit.

Most dinner clubs I’ve attended showcase the menu beforehand or leave it at your table setting, but this is like no dinner I’ve attended. Once the guests sat around the beautifully landscaped table by the very entertaining owners of Mimulo whom I had the pleasure of sitting next to for the evening, we were introduced to the theme of the evening. With summer’s finale approaching they chose to keep it alive by re-reading William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Each of the seven courses and wine or mead (straight from Maine!) pairings to go along was explained with references of the play. Chef Adina Halpern expressed her voice through creating exquisite looking and tasting dishes, one better than the next. Summery produce from the Framer’s Market and meats from Grow and Behold you really tasted quality and freshness. Dinner started off with a Smoked Grapevine Tomato heart, honeycomb, saffron and lemongrass. With each bowl served you noticed the silence coming from the person next to you then the immediate buzz of how wonderful the juices combined together.  The next course was Last of the summer vegetables, date honey and Bottarga paired with a Honeymaker Lavender Mead. The third course was made to resemble the silvery moonlight and so it did with Spanish Mackerel, cucumber and lemon verbena paired with Jasmine Infusion. Number four was Pottage of Heirloom barley, salt- cured olives, figs and honey truffle. This dish also brought a lot of buzzing to the table. The textures and seasoning were so exciting. The following course was Red Mullet and a side salad of herbs, fennel and green tomato topped with the most delicious verjus I’ve ever tasted. For the main course and by far my most favorite, Adina prepared grass-fed lamb, pine and malt. What looks like a rock on the presentation is actually a potato covered in edible clay, taking the theme to a higher level! This course was served with a glass of Dalton Reserve Shiraz 2012. The last and final course was a beautiful bowl of shaved ice, strawberries and edible summer flowers paired with Honeymaker Blueberry Mead. Upon departure the Three Musketeers handed out a recipe with a homemade Chartreuse made by the third Musket herself, Danielle Brody, along with the menu of the evening and recipe for a chartreuse lemonade tied together.

I’m looking forward to see what these talented young women have up their sleeves for next month. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest and greatest. For private parties and more information they can be reached at

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