SOBE Kosher Dinner

Since we’re all about #vibes these days, let me tell you about how on point the vibing was at the Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Kosher Wine & Food Festival the other night. The ambience couldn’t have been anymore perfect then on the roof top of The Rok Family Shul in Brickell, Miami under the stars.

There’s nothing like getting  spoiled by some of the top celebrity chefs from around the United States and Israel, showing off some of their masterly skills and talents using exquisite flavors and ingredients. One of the finest ingredients was from Grow & Behold, providing all the meat and poultry for the event. It brought every dish to the next level. 
I almost didn’t have room for the other courses since Zak Stern of Zak the Baker and Dizengoff started off the dinner with their soft breads, pitas and delicious salads and creamy chummus. Jenn Louis of Portland woke up our pallets with a Veal Pelmeni soup with dill and an aromatic Ajika; a Russian side of spiciness that kicked this soup up a notch (or ten, depending how much you put in!) Jonathan Borowitz of Israel, dressed our plates with his decadent Tongue and Cheek Stew. There were some people at the table who had never tried Tongue before. Once they heard me “mmmm” with each bite, they gained my trust and tried it for themselves. It almost felt like an honor and privilege to be part of a first to something in their lives! And especially regarding food!
Miami/New York City’s, Justin Smillie’s Roasted Chicken was accompanied with a beautiful blooming Rutabaga and an exquisite combination of herbs, dates and flavors.
One of my favorite dishes of the night was Michael Solomonov’s famous Zahav Lamb Shoulder served over pomegranate, roasted chickpeas and Persian rice. The meat slid right off the bone, on to my fork and headed straight to my mouth! With each dish my glass was filled with some of the finest wines from Recanati Winery. They studied and paired each one perfectly to what was being served,
and it sure got each table buzzing for more.
As the evening came to a close, the Maven Baker brought her “A Game” to the table and into our mouths with her ‘Milk’ and Honey dessert. The Honeycombs were sweet, chewy and so scrumptious. 
Respects to the one and only Chef Yoss Schwartz of Hassid+Hipster for coordinating this  evening and guiding the chefs to make it a divine and kosher event. As I say, #workhardtoeatharder. Let me get myself started for next years  #sobewff! It only gets better!

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